January 17, 2018

Top 6 Best Vacation Spots in Thailand to Visit

Thailand offers many options of the best vacation spots for tourists who want to enjoy their holiday well. Located in Asia continent, Thailand provides well modern, spiritual and natural vacation spots to enjoy. Based on some data, in overall, around 20 million tourists go to Thailand each year. It is a big amount, which make Thailand becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world.

By this face, it will be good when you make a holiday planning by listing some best vacation spots in Thailand. I am sure that with the kinds of the vacation spots, Thailand will color the holiday time beautifully. Here, we will show you some popular destination lists to go in Thailand with its amazing details. Take a sit and make your own itinerary!

Best Vacation Spots to Go in Thailand

1. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

January 15, 2018

Europe Travel Tips to Save Money

Europe becomes one of the most expensive traveling destinations to go. I am sure that many people want to go to Europe to enjoy their long holiday since Europe is famous by its modernism, best places, and special modes. Some towns, like Paris, Moscow, London, or others becomes the main traveling destinations each year for million worldwide travelers. However, for some travelers, they need some Europe travel tips, especially to save their money.

Yes, some travelers find a problem about the traveling cost when they want to go to Europe. I am sure that traveling could be not expensive because when we spend too much money in traveling, we will find another problem in money management. In this occasion, we have several simple tips to save money when you have planning to go to Europe. Take a sit and read some writings below.

Europe Travel Tips to Save Money

Simple Europe Travel Tips to Save Money

Shop for Foods in Supermarket

When you are traveling in Europe, it will be cheaper when you shop some foods in supermarket or cook your own food. Well, I am sure that sometimes want to taste the special menus of the modern restaurants in Europe in their traveling time but to save the money, it is not a nice idea. Maybe it is hard for some people but they need to avoid having dinner in the expensive restaurants to decrease the traveling cost. However, when they want to taste some foods outside, they could go to the local market, which provide nice foods with lower price.

Purchase Discount Cards

Another good way to save the money during the traveling in Europe is by purchasing the discount cards. You need to know that some places in Europe offers the ‘city card’, which will be nice by its discounts for some transportations and attractions. This card is one of very useful Europe travel tips to decrease the need of money.

For example, when you go to Rome, there is Rome Pass, which offers the free public transportation and entry into two museums. Then, Paris has Combo Pass, which could be used to enjoy some attractions in the capital of French. Other nice cards to enjoy are Oslo Welcome Card, I Amsterdam Card and Berlin Welcome Card.

House Share

I am sure that it is not enough to enjoy the Europe only in a day. Travelers will need some days to enjoy Europe, so they could find the beauty of their long holiday. It means that they need the place to stay. I am sure that it is not a good option to stay in hotel when you want to decrease the money in traveling moment. Then, what to do here?

Rather than choose the hotel or hostel to stay, it will be good when you choose the European sojourn. There are many options of the local European sojourn, which could be the option in Europe travel tips to keep the money. However, you need to be ready staying with the strangers.

Book Travel in Advance

In order to save some moneys, it will be good when you book the travel in advance. It becomes one of the most effective Europe travel tips to save some moneys. By the advance booking, you will get big discount in train ticket or cheaper price for flight. However, you need to look more information and keep it update. As usual, the mass transportation company will share their information through the official website.

Look for Free-Entry Days

Although it will need some times to think, look for the free-entry days could be the excellent Europe travel tips to save the money. Well, it could be a great deal to decrease the cost of traveling when you could find some attractions, which offer the free-entry days. In Europe, there are some places, which offer this idea to the travelers. For example, it is free to enter any museum in Paris in the first Sunday of the month. Then, there are also some museums and galleries that offer the free to enter in Venice and Berlin.

Find your Focus

In preparing the Europe traveling, it will be good when you prepare the itinerary well. In arranging the itinerary, it will be better for you to consider exploring the region or country in depth rather than moving to place to place. By exploring the tourist attractions only in a region or a country, of course you do not need to spend more money for transportation.

It is one of the good Europe travel tips to try and it will be very useful to give you more traveling experience. However, you need to be active looking for information, especially about the special-near place to go.

Well, the explanations above show some simple but interesting Europe travel tips to enjoy the long holiday with low budget. I hope it will be useful for you, so you could feel the beauty of Europe without worrying the cost of traveling.

January 12, 2018

Top 8 Attractive Destinations to Enjoy Travel the World

Do you have dream to do travel the world? Well, I am sure that everyone wants to go around the world to explore its hidden beauty. Since traveling could be the solution to decrease the stress or to fulfill the holiday season, traveling around the world will give better traveling experience for people.

Of course, when we are talking about the world traveling, we will find so many best destinations to go. Some people sometimes will be confused to decide where they want to go. Here, with using some methodologies based on some researches, we arrange the top 8 attractive destinations to enjoy the international traveling. Take a sit and find the inspiration about the world traveling destination below.

Attractive Destinations to Enjoy Travel the World

1. St. Lucia

St. Lucia

January 10, 2018

Kinds of Interesting Travel Tips for International Holiday

Do you want to enjoy the international holiday with your family sometimes? Well, having an international holiday could be a great matter to enjoy because you could get the new traveling experience with different culture and situation. However, before accepting the international holiday, it will be good for you to know some international travel tips.

Yes, knowing the holiday tips to go abroad is important in order to make a neat preparation. The tips will help you to arrange the holiday agenda. Actually, there are many tips to know about the international traveling but we will divide it into some points below. Take a sit and read the explanations wholly.

Kinds of Interesting Travel Tips for International Holiday

Interesting Travel Tips for International Holiday

Security and Health Tips

When we are talking about the tips for traveling, the security and health tips become the first matter to consider. Yes, this tips will be a good preparation in order to make sure that you are fit enough to enjoy the holiday.

For the first, please check your health to the doctor. When you want to go abroad, you will need the adaptation to enjoy the situation there. Sometimes, the different season and temperature of the destination will decrease the health. By seeing the doctor, you could get the latest condition and vaccination in it is needed.

Beside the health tips, you also need to consider the security tips. The most common security tip is the aspect of legality. For the international trip, you need to prepare some documents for the legal aspect. Here, you need to prepare passport and visa. Go to the government and try to get information about how to make it.

Money Preparation

Preparing money becomes important travel tips to consider before enjoying the international journey. Please notice that traveling actually is not cheap because it will need some funds for some needed. Here, by the money preparation, you will not get headache and could enjoy the traveling much.

Before deciding to go to some places in different country, please make sure that you have enough money to spend. Maybe, sometimes you need to use your saved money but it will be no problem to get happiness. In other hand, please also check the monetary conversion before your departure. It will be good and important, especially that the country you will go has the different currency.

Local Research Preparation

The local research preparation means that you do some preparations to know some details about your destinations. It also includes in the international travel tips, which should be prepared. Of course, there are some local research preparations to do for better traveling journey.

Getting the guidebooks become the first matter that you need to do. The guidebooks will show you the traveling map, which you may use for the own itinerary. I am sure that it will be very useful for the first travelers because by the guidebooks, travelers will never get confused about what they want to go.

In other hand, it also will be important when you try to know the events that will be held in your destinations. By the travel tips, you could enjoy the special events in your destination spot, especially for those who love to enjoy the cultural agendas.

Electronic Preparation

Another most important preparation to consider is the electronic preparation. For the travel tips, it will be very important for you to bring a charger adapter to keep safe your communication device. In other hand, do not forget to activate the global capabilities of your smartphone.

Still talk about the electronic preparation, you also need to prepare the documentation device. Although you could use the smartphone camera to take picture, bringing the digital camera will be more excellent to do.

Luggage and Packing

The last preparation as the tips for the international traveling is about luggage and packing. Here, when you will stay several days in abroad, of course you need to bring some clothes. Then, it is also important for you to bring a small bag, which could be used to cover some stuffs. It also will be better for you to bring your own snack in order to keep your energy and decrease your food cost allocation.

Well, some travel tips as above could be the guide to enjoy your international traveling. Do some preparations well and enjoy your traveling!

January 7, 2018

Europe Travel Tips for First Travelers

Knowing about the Europe travel tips could be an important thing for those who want to go to Europe in enjoying their holiday. Yes, for many people, Europe becomes one of the best holiday destination to go. There are many special holiday spots with the different genres in Europe, which will provide the different holiday sense.

However, in order to get the nice holiday, it will be good when people know well about the travel tips, especially when they come to Europe for their first time. By knowing the travel tips, I am sure that people could explore some places in Europe well and they will get higher level to enjoy their holiday. What are the kinds of travel tips for Europe first travelers? Let us see some explanations below.

Europe Travel Tips for First Travelers

Important Europe travel tips for First Travelers

Prepare Your Visa

The very first matter that should be prepared before going to Europe is visa. Yes, visa becomes the legal document, which will allow you to stay in the different country in Europe. Without this document, you will be claimed as an illegal visitor and the authority of the country could deport you back to your country.

There is a lot of information about how to make the visa through the internet. Try to find the way to make it. Maybe, you also could ask an agent to help you making your own visa.

Consider Mode of Transportation

In common, the highest needs in having holiday is the accommodation. Here, for the next Europe travel tips, it will be good when you also consider the mode of transportations, which you may use to visit Europe for the first time. Of course, there are many kinds of the mass transportation to choose, such as the airfare, train or even a bus.

You could make some plans about it. When you want to be economized, the land mode of transportation as train and bus could be the alternative. In other hand, you also could consider some discounts, which are given by the company of the transportation.

Make Own Itinerary

Schedule of holiday should be made clearly. By the itinerary, you could manage where you want to go in enjoying the holiday. Although it is simple, it will be very useful for you. Please notice that actually, traveling is not cheap. Without the clear schedule by the own itinerary, you will be quite difficult to manage your money and I am sure that the holiday will be worse.

Pay More Attention with Foods Cost

Beside the accommodation, another matter that need the high fund is meal. We all know that Europe is famous with its modernism and it becomes the international destination of traveling, so there are many kinds of great food to be served. However, as the one of Europe travel tips for the first travelers, it will be good when they pay more attention with the cost of the food. The purpose of this matter is simple: to avoid getting food with unbelievable price!

Consider Place to Stay and How Long You Will Stay

I am sure that Europe will be not enough to be explored in a day. Visitors will need some days to stay in order to enjoy the beauty of Europe. Well, it means that you need place to stay. I am sure that camp out sometimes could be good idea to do but is it rational to have camp out more than a day?

Here, for the next Europe travel tips, you need to consider some hostels to stay. Hostel is more recommended to choose by its cheap cost. Then, please also consider how long that you will stay in Europe. It has relation about the importance of itinerary that we have discussed above.

Exploring by Walking

The walking-exploring could be an excellent idea to do. I am sure that the first travelers in Europe are curious with every centimeter of Europe. In order to know the detail of Europe, walking through the city street could be best solution. Besides could enjoy the Europe in detail, the Europe travel tips here is also excellent to decrease the cost accommodation.

Well, some Europe travel tips as above will be the nice things to help you enjoying your holiday. Prepare yourself and get the new experience by exploring Europe!

January 5, 2018

The Most Incredible and Beautiful Worldwide Travel to Visit in 2018

Enjoying the worldwide travel maybe becomes the dream of every people. By having the traveling around the world, of course people will be able to find the right place to get more happiness. We are sure that the main purpose of traveling is actually to reduce the stress.

When we are talking about the best places to go for traveling in the world, I am sure that we will find so many places. Yes, there are some websites offering their own analysis about the best place traveling places in the world. Here, we will talk about the most incredible and beautiful traveling spots around the world, which you may add for 2018 holiday list. Take a sit and read the following explanation.

Beautiful Worldwide Travel to Visit in 2018

Whiteheaven Beach - Australia

Australia becomes one of the great tourist destinations to go. There are actually many traveling spots, which will amaze the visitors. However, one of the best places to go in Australia, which could be the list of 2018 holiday, is the White-heaven Beach. It is a special place that has so beautiful landscape.

Whiteheaven Beach - Australia

January 4, 2018

Awesome Tourist Attraction to Go for Holiday in Singapore

Singapore becomes one of the best tourism destination in the world. Location in Melayu archipelago, Singapore becomes the awesome place of having holiday. Actually, this country is known as one of the most modern country by its achievement. However, for the tourism attraction, Singapore has great combination between modernism and nature, which will amaze every visitor who comes there.

There are many places to go when you want to enjoy your spare time in Singapore with families and friends. By the kinds of the tourist attraction, we are sure that you will have more options to explore Singapore. Here, we will show you some awesome tourist destinations to enjoy for the interesting traveling in Singapore.

Tourist Attraction to Go for Holiday in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

January 3, 2018

Best Destination of Travel the World for Nature Lovers

When we are talking about travel the world, of course we will find many kinds of the traveling spots to go with some different genres. Having the worldwide traveling will be an interesting idea to do to enjoy the long holiday with family. I am sure that by the worldwide traveling, we could seek the hidden beauty of the world.

Well, one of the most popular traveling spots to go is nature. Reconnecting with the nature spot will make someone gets back his or her calmness and freshness. Seeing the nature will directly reduce the stress and change it into a new spirit. Here, we will talk about some best destinations for the worldwide traveling, especially for the lovers of nature. Take a sit and enjoy the reading!


For the lover of nature, Finland is a must-to-go place. Yes, Finland is special with the spectacular colorful natural light, which is known as the Aurora Borealis. Aurora itself is the ‘fire tongue’ of the sunlight. However, the aurora only could be seen in the fall season between the October and November or Mach and April.

Aurora Borealis - Finland

January 2, 2018

Top Cheap Travel Tips for Backpackers

Are you looking for the travel tips that are special for backpackers? Well, having a backpacker traveling sometimes could be an interesting option to choose. We all know that the most common problem of travelling is financial problem. Here, the backpacker could be the solution of it because you go to some places for traveling based on what you want and based on the amount money that you have!

Top Cheap Travel Tips for Backpackers

In simpler, we may see that backpacker means having freedom for traveling. However, although you want to have the backpacker traveling, you still need to make well preparation in order to arrange the neat traveling agenda. Here, we will show you some holiday tips for backpackers, which could throw the financial problem away and you could enjoy the holiday, as you want!

Cheap Travel Tips for Backpackers

Pack Light

When you decide to have a backpacker traveling, it means that you are ready to pick your pack everywhere you go. That’s why some backpackers commonly bring a big bag in their back. Here, in order to get more comfortable feeling in bringing the pack, it will be best when you bring the light packing.

Here, you do not need to bring complete stuffs, which you do not need in your traveling. Leave your jewelry or other valuable things home. Try to arrange what stuffs that you need to bring by making priorities. By the light packing, you will be easier in moving.

Camp Out

Camping out could be the interesting idea to try for those who want to feel the fresh of nature. It could be listed inside the itinerary, especially when you want to go to some beaches in your holiday. Yes, in common, beaches provide some campgrounds for the backpackers, who want to enjoy the million-stars hotel. However, you need to know the regulation in the object before applying the one of the travel tips for backpackers.

Stay in Hostel with Kitchen Inside

Although camping is interesting but it is not for everyone. Sometimes, camping will be dangerous for those who have problem with their health. As the solution, it will be nice when you consider to stay at hostel. It is one of the nice travel tips to try.

In common, hostel has cheaper cost than the hotel and you will get the comfortable bed to enjoy the night. Here, please choose the hostel that has kitchen inside the room. By the inside-kitchen, you could make a cup of coffee easily and it means that you do not need to buy an expensive coffee in lobby.

Bring Your Own Snack

Another good tips, which could be solution to have cheap backpacker traveling is bringing your own snack. By bringing your own snack, you could manage the eating cost better. In other hand, by your own snack, you also could keep your energy well everywhere. Please notice, backpackers need high energy because they need to bring their pack in back and always keeping moving.

Keep Walk

We all know that travelling needs high money for accommodation. For course, the cost of accommodation could be the problem for the backpackers. Then, how is the solution for this problem?

Here, the good travel tips to do in order to decreasing the cost of accommodation is keep walking! Please avoid to take a cab in your traveling tour because there is millage cost and tipping for the drivers. Although walking will make you more tired, it will be more interesting because you could enjoy every inch of the beauty of the town!

Travel with a Group

The last travel tips for the backpackers, which you need to consider is traveling with a group. Actually, you could choose to have backpacking solo for getting the free and challenging experience. However, when you have no experience in backpacker, joining with a group is a good solution. Moreover, by traveling with a group, you also could decrease the tiredness by having joke with friends.

Well, some explanations above could be excellent examples of the travel tips, especially for the backpackers. Having the backpacker traveling could be a challenging idea to try. However, as addition, please avoid having traveling in peak date of holiday in order to be free from crowded. Now, make your planning and enjoy your free traveling!

January 1, 2018

Best Europe Travel Tips to Know for Amazing Holiday

Visiting Europe for enjoying the long holiday maybe becomes the dream of many people. Yes, Europe has many interesting places to go, which will make the holiday time becomes more interesting and enjoyable. For example, Europe has Paris, which is famous by its modes. In other hand, Europe also has Spain, which is amazing by its old cultural buildings. However, in order to enjoy the holiday, people need Europe travel tips.

Best Europe Travel Tips to Know for Amazing Holiday

Yes, the tips for enjoying the holiday in Europe is very important to know, especially for those who visit there for their first time. By knowing some tips, people could avoid some common mistakes, which could make the untidy traveling. What are the traveling tips to know? See some explanations below.

Europe travel tips to Know for Amazing Holiday

Check Visa Requirement

Before going to Europe in order to enjoy your holiday, you need to check the requirement of visa. Visa is one of the guaranteed way, which will help you getting the best sense during the traveling. Without having the visa, of course you will be denied to visit some different countries and some countries have different regulations about the visa.

Here, to know about the detail of the visa requirement, you could do the quick online searching about it. Find the detail requirement of visa based on the specific country that you may go. There are several websites, which do not only provide the information about what visa is but also offer the service to help tourists to make a new visa.

Travel Outside Peak Date

Another Europe travel tips, which you need to consider before preparing your holiday is managing the time. Million tourists always come to Europe, especially in long holiday, as the New Year holiday. Here, it will be good when you go to Europe outside the peak date or off the season.

Traveling to Europe in off season will give some benefits to you. Of course, the first benefit is you will be free from the crowded place and traffic jam, especially when you want to enjoy the Mediterranean beaches. In other hand, traveling outside the peak date of holiday also could help you to save some money in accommodation, airfare, and others. As we know, in holiday seasons, some agents will increase the cost of the tickets.

Traveling by Train

Considering the accommodation also becomes the important Europe travel tips to consider. Here, it will be good for you to apply traveling by train. It is an efficient idea to choose –of course, it depends on your destination. The cost of train ticket is lower than airplane and train could deliver the efficient traveling time.

In other hand, the train management sometimes offers some discounts to the tourist. By benefitted the discount, tourist also will have chance to decrease the cost of their traveling.

Preparing Private Needed Well

In order to enjoy the Europe traveling, it will be good when you also prepare the private needed well. It is the most important Europe travel tips that people need to pay more attention. Europe has sub-tropic season, which low temperature in daily. It means that in order to keep your health, you need to prepare some jackets, scarfs, or others. In other hand, you also need to prepare some private medicines, if it is needed.

Almost all place in Europe has a beautiful building, as Spain with its old cultural building, or England with its palace. Enjoying the night by take a walk around the city town will be a good idea to do. Here, for the private needed, you could bring the comfortable shoes to enjoy walking everywhere!

Staying Longer in One Place

Although you have made your own itinerary as the schedule to enjoy the traveling in Europe, it will be better when you are staying longer in one place. It is one of the good Europe travel tips to do. Why do we need to stay longer in a place?

Europe actually has many traveling objects to explore. However, by staying longer in one place, for example Paris or Madrid, you could get more knowledge about that place, such as the culture of it, knowing the local restaurant, and others. It will make the traveling becoming greater and you will get more beautiful experiences.

Well, some best Europe travel tips as above could be your notice before deciding to go Europe for enjoying the holiday. Do some tips above for preparation and you will have a beautiful holiday season in Europe!