4 Best World’s Travelling Destinations

4 Best World’s Travelling Destinations

Travelling is fun activity to take a rest yourself and mind from busy activities. It is recommended to find the best travelling spot to visit. Exploring the world seems to be a brilliant idea to realize. You should know some best world’s travelling destinations helping you to enjoy your travelling plan.

1. Mongolia
The first travelling destination is Mongolia. This country is located between Russia and China. Mongolia becomes historical land. It has several interesting spots to visit in Mongolia. Sand hills of Gobi Desert stretch widely in some districts making it to be the rare place to live humans. It absolutely creates mystic impression in that place with nomadic citizens in the green field.  You can cross the roads connecting to all outside provinces in which you can find livestock herders wearing traditional outfits. The best time for travelers enjoying the beauty of Mongolia is on May to September. There are some national festivals like archery, horse race, and men wrestling which are very traditional.

2. Madagascar
Madagascar can be the next travelling destination. This island is still natural with no many changes. Madagascar has 8000 species of animals that cannot be found in the other places. This island contributes five percent of world’s biodiversity total. This is an area where dinosaurs have hanged around and the place of pre-history evolution. Tropical rain forests and sand desert become the magical beauty of this island. The best time for travelers is on April to November to visit one of the best world’s travelling destinations.

3. Papua New Guinea
It is a Pacific country being one from an island of Papua, Indonesia. But, it is actually different from the other Pacific countries. This country is located in 160 km in the north of Australia and adjacent directly with Indonesia in which it has typical things, culture, and rich nature. Papua New Guinea has great coral reefs quality and becomes one of the best maritime tourisms. The forests and mountains are very natural and kept very well where it is appropriate for travelers. The travelers can visit some rural areas of this country with boat and enjoy snorkeling and diving there. You can also explore volcano trails and tropical rain forests. To visit Papua New Guinea, it is recommended to take May to October. You should not miss the annual festivals held there when native tribes paint their face with complicated ornaments as being a part of caller spirit dance.

4. South Georgia Island and Antarctica
The last world’s destination is South Georgia Island. This island is located in the south of Atlantic Ocean and 1300 mill the east of Ushuaia city, Argentine. This island is very rich of wild animals and wildlife. It also becomes transit of some Antarctica expeditions. This area is full of the noise of emperor penguin and millions of seahorse and tundra deer. This island becomes a habitat of five millions birds starting from penguin, albatross and the other species of birds. To enjoy satisfyingly one of the world’s travelling destinations, the recommended time is on October to March. You can see wonderful things from those travelling destinations.

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