4 Safe Tips to Do Women’s Solo Travelling

4 Safe Tips to Do Women’s Solo Travelling

Solo travelling is travelling or exploring some tourism spots alone. This travelling choice is mostly selected by many people who want to enjoy travelling without getting busy and compromising with the others during the trip. In addition, solo travelling can be a way to really recognize yourself and introspection. This travelling is initially carried by men remembering the safety factor. But, women do not lose to the men to do that travelling. Women’s solo travelling has been chosen by women. These are some tips to do that travelling safely.

1. Preventing Night’s Travelling and Trip
For women doing a solo travelling, it is not suggested to conduct a night’s travelling and trip. You have to prevent it as much as possible. It is safer to carry out a trip in the afternoon to minimize some risks and possible things happened. The night’s travelling is actually effective to press travelling budget. However, this way is risky depending on the afternoon trip. Remember, you should not risk your safety to get lower price. But, it is still possible to do night’s travelling; you may do that as long as you understand better the trip destination.

2. Checking Your Phone Battery and Important Phone Numbers
You should charge your phone battery. Make sure that it is always full when you do solo travelling. Phone is a main item brought when you do women’s solo travelling and helping you in urgent situations. You can use it for browsing information, booking tickets, downloading maps, seeking restaurants, and many more. Almost all things and needs can be solved by the use of phone. Because of those reasons, you often forget to recharge the phone battery so that it is empty. Meanwhile, in emergency situations, phone is helpful to call someone to help you. Do not let your phone low bat. It is also recommended to save important phone numbers like hotels, police, and security. Those phone numbers are useful to assist you when you get lost, lost wallet, or be pursued by bad people. You can call it to ask for the help.

3. Do Not Let the Others Know Your Are Solo Travelling
When you do a solo travelling, you should not trust easily others. You have to be able to select the people who can be trusted. Do not ever let the others know that you are solo travelling. You have to keep your secret during conducting a women’s solo travelling. At least, if you know well someone in a certain travelling spot, you can let them know because the others will think twice to do bad things to you. As the others people ask your friends, you have to hide your status of being solo travelers. You can lie that you are with your friends.

4. Considering the Comfortable Clothes and Bags
Wearing appropriate outfits and accessories is important as you choose to be a solo traveler. You should select comfortable bags and shoes during a travelling. It is good to prevent bringing handbags. It is better to take backpack bags to be safer. If it is necessary, you may bring a waist bag hidden under clothing to keep important documents and money. For women’s solo travelling, it is important to learn local languages for helping daily activities and certain crucial occasions.

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