Interesting Places to Spend Holiday at Yogyakarta

Interesting Places to Spend Holiday at Yogyakarta

There are many interesting places in Indonesia. You can get cheap travel here whether you are alone or with group. If you like mountain, beach, and temple, culinary etc, you will run of time to visit all destinations in Indonesia even you are traveling for the whole year. Visiting Yogyakarta, Central Java is recommended if you would like to have cheap and interesting holiday.

After arriving at Adisucipto airport, you can go to Prambanan temple since it is only 10minutes from airport. Here you can watch film of Prambanan history and also seeing direct Ramayana Ballet in the night. For buying souvenir at Prambanan, you are able to do it surround Prambanan area. From Prambanan, you can stop at Gudeg for trying Traditional food made from young jack-fruit. If you are tired, you can choose hotels surround Malioboro where you can visit so many Batik sellers. Your visit to Jogja does not complete till you are visiting Keraton Palace where you will know the history of Jogja here. Well, continue your trip to silver producers at Kotagede where you can find so many antique designs. Many of visitors will be happy to see how the silver is made into any creations. For culinary, you are able to drink java beer where there is no alcohol contain at all. You can try tasty bakpia where it is sold in many places at Yogyakarta. Let's continue the trip to the beach. There is famous beach called Parangtritis beach. Here, you can ride horse. Many people use Parangtritis beach as pre-wedding pictures. Enjoy fresh fish from Depok beach which is located beside Parangtritis beach. Have a wonderful sunset here.

Well, if you would like to have cool places, you can enjoy Kaliurang and stay at villas there. Take a trip to Merapi Mountain to get incredible panorama of Jogja from here. Is it finished? Not yet. You need to visit Borobudur temple as the biggest temple chosen by Unesco. Enjoy the friendliness of people here. You can find the location easily since there are so many signs on the street to the location. Now, you should not leave Jogja until you are purchasing souvenir here. You can visit Kasongan which sell terracotta souvenir. It could be vases, wedding souvenir and so on. From Kasongan, you should stop at Manding, Bantul where leather producers are selling good quality of leather. They are making wallet, belt, and shoes. Try your adrenaline by having rafting. You can choose Calm River until big waving river. You will shout the entire journey because of an excitement. How much the money has to spend? It is very cheap from food, accommodation until entrance ticket to visit these places. You will not run out of money in the street since living at Yogyakarta is the best place to have long stay. Most of the people who are coming here are students. That’s why the tariff is very cheap. All in all, you should learn how to make Batik while you are here. This is original from Jogja where kids are learning the simple form of Batik at schools.

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