7 Best Interesting Places at Indonesia

7 Best Interesting Places at Indonesia

Where do you spend holiday 2016? In this economic crisis, you should not miss a holiday trip to reduce stress at work. Traveling could be in your own country where you don't need to exchange the currency. You can save budget for traveling with whole family member. You can choose several interesting places in Indonesia. 

1. Thousand Island, Jakarta
let’s escape from the traffic days in Jakarta to Thousand Island. It could be reached by speedboat by only 90minutes. Here, you are having eco living resort with wonderful panorama. You are having great days for enjoying the white sand, snorkeling and eating fresh fishes. 

2. Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara
If you like to see giant lizard, you should not visit Komodo. This natural habitat is protected by government and even chosen by Unesco as best natural habitat with virgin environment.

3. Bali
This Gods islands never sleeps. People are coming in and out quite a lot. Bali has complete tourist destination from hot until cool area. People like to visit Bali for holiday to Kuta beach, Ubud to see green paddy field, Tanah Lot to see holy temple and many more. Bali is very famous with spa business with traditional massage oil and aromatherapy. Furthermore, you will like Balinese food like pork; fishes surround the beach until Bali pie.

4. Eastern to Western Borneo
traveling to Borneo will not only see a jungle. Here, you can meet origin Dayak people with heavy earring. In the morning, you can eat yellow rice or Soto Banjar. What else? You can enjoy Mahakam River where you can rent a boat to have short trip on the river. If you like river, let's continue to Pontianak, West Borneo where the longest river called Kapuas is here. You will see rain-forest during you are on the boat. Moreover, you can see traditional houses with local ritual. You can meet orangutan.

5. Raja Ampat, Papua
you are exactly in the paradise island where you can visit virgin beach. It has hundred types of corals. You can see clear water which is not contaminated by pollutant and so on. You only see blue panorama with clean and white sand here. The beach is incredible and hard to access.

6. Bandung, West Java
You have to visit cool city with rich culinary. Spending holiday 2016 will give a great memory when you visit this fashionable city. Most of the population is students. No wonder there are so many creative people are coming from this city. You can enjoy tea plantation to get fresh weather of this city.

7. Manado, North Sulawesi
Manado is having sight seeing, especially for Bunaken. You can see thousand colorful fishes and coral which is protected by the local people. There is a giant Christ statue as a symbol of this city. Most of people will spend holiday at Tondano Lake which is clean and well maintained.

Calculate for your budget before spending holiday 2016. If you are having more money, you can rent car for traveling with or without driver.

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