Being Traveler in Your Own Hometown

Being Traveler in Your Own Hometown

As a traveler, you have to be ready to travel anywhere including in your own city. Don’t underestimate it because you will get surprise with your own city. So, what do you have to do to start travel around your hometown?

1. Destination is important
Just like preparing for abroad travelling, it is also a must for you to decide the destination you want to visit although you want to travel in your hometown. What do you have to do is finding hidden destination or places you never visit before. If it is necessary, you can find a map of your own hometown first. Then, give a sign which destination you might want to visit for your next travelling plan. Just try to do it and it will be fun to do before traveling to your own hometown. 

2. Transportation You Want to Use
After deciding about the hidden destinations you want to visit, you can continue to the next step. The next step is that you have to decide the way to go there. Let say, you can consider taking public transportation, renting a car, driving a motorcycle, or even walking. To decide it, you can start by determining the distance of the traveling destination from your starting point. If it is far away, you can decide to take public transportation first. Later, you can decide to walk to cut the cost as well as enjoy the surrounding before arriving on the main destination. For your information, the way you choose the transportation will give significant impact to your traveling experience. 

3. Decide the time to start the traveling
You also need to decide the time to start the traveling. It is better for you to go to the place in its best time. Because of that, it is better to find the information about the destination such as the most beautiful time, the high peak, the low peak, and many more. Don’t forget to decide whether you want to go there in its crowded time or in its quiet time. Even, you also need to decide whether you want to go there during the day or night. Again, it gives different traveling sensation and experience. 

4. Don’t forget to bring camera
Again, don’t underestimate your hometown. Because of that, you have to bring your camera. You don’t know what you will find while exploring your own hometown especially if you want to explore deep area around your hometown. There is a big possibility that you will find something you don’t expected before. 

5. Decide what you want to do there
This is the importance of deciding the destination. Because you know the destination, you know what you want to do there. This is strongly related to the preparation you have to bring. Let say, you want to go to the lake in your hometown. You may bring swimming suit, tent, flashlight, and many more. It will be different if you want to go to the mountain. You have to bring sweater, jacket, hiking shoes, and many more. It is very important so you can be effective to bring the items or tools.
When everything is ready, this is the time for you get ready and start to explore the hidden destinations around your hometown. Here, there are some tips to start your hometown travelling plan. 

6. Bring the map
It is important to bring a map although you are exploring your own hometown. It is very important especially if it is your first time to explore the area. It is okay to get lost but if you only have very limited time to explore, you should go there right away and enjoy the main destination. Later, you can also give a sign to the map and compare it with the real area. 

7. Be nice to everyone
You have to be nice to everyone there. It is important because sometimes you have to ask the direction of the main destination you want to explore. You don’t need to get a shame with them. As long as you ask with polite, they will explain it well and it helps you a lot to find the main destination faster. 

8. Exploring different place first
It will be different if you have a lot of time to explore your hometown. Besides walking based on the map, sometimes you can also walk to interesting place first. Let say, you see a traditional market. If you think that it is worth to explore, you can just travel there first. Definitely, it gives you new experience and story before seeing the main destination. 

9. Bring cash money
Sometimes you are somewhere which there will be no ATM. As the result, it is difficult for you to get some money. Because of that, it is good for you to bring cash money. Cash money is very important so you can buy something you want such as snack, street food, souvenirs, and many more. Just imagine how hard to buy street food in a village if you only bring your ATM card. 

10. Take a note
If you like to write, you can try to bring a note. Then, you can write something interesting. You can share it later to your friends or at least you can use it for your personal traveling note. Just remember! There will be hundreds of interesting things if you want to explore your hometown deeper. You can also write about the way to go there, the cost you have to spend, the actual condition, and many more related to the way to go to the main direction. This note will be useful if you have a plan to go there in the future.

Now, you know that you can still be a traveler although you only have limited money. Traveling around your hometown is a good start to be a professional traveler. When you get enough experience from your own hometown, it hopes that you can travel abroad someday. Just try it and have fun with the exploration!

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