Travel with friends

Travel with friends

Travelling with your friends for vacation can be very interesting experience. You can enjoy the vacation with your friends. Commonly, people will prefer to spend the vacation with someone or some people that they know well because it will be more enjoyable and simpler. However, it doesn’t mean that you will be spared from the chaos.  There are some things that should be considered to ensure that everything will be on right track. It will be quite different to manage a vacation with yourself and with your friends. In travelling with friends, there will be some minds or ideas that take a part. Therefore, you need to manage them well.

Manage the group

Managing the group becomes one of the most important things in travelling with friends. There are some factors that should be considered in managing the group. You need to manage each other task. Each person of the group needs to have one specific task for the group. For example, you need to ask one person to handle ticketing. It will be less effective when each person of the group buys their own ticket. So it will be better if your group can collect the money to someone for the ticket.  In the group management, it is also recommended to decide someone who will be the leader of the group. Being the leader doesn’t mean that you should decide everything by your own. For making decision, each person of the group has the same right. The leader will accommodate the process of decision making. It will also be more effective when your group share things that can be carried and used together such as snacks or water. By sharing, you can share the burden, so you don’t have to bring too many things by your own.

Individual VS Group

In travelling with your friends, managing and dividing between individual and group needs also should be considered. Although you go with your group, it doesn’t mean that everything should be done and used together as a group. There are some things that should you do and bring individually. You cannot fully depend on your group. Medicines are something that you should bring individually. Each person may have different problems in term of health. Also, there are some medicines that will affect differently for each person. So it is better that each person bring its own medicines that they need. There are other personal things that also should be managed individually, such as toiletry, clothes, towels and others. Although there are some things that can be used together such as liquid soap or shampoo, it will be better if each person manage them personally before asking from other people.

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