5 Top Educational Family Trips for Kids

5 Top Educational Family Trips for Kids

Trip is one of the good ideas to fulfil the long holiday, especially for the kids. Yes, kids will be always happy to have long vacation with their family. By having the good family, kids are able to show their expression and explore their large knowledge.

We all know that there are many choices of the vacation destination to pleasant our kids. The right vacation idea –and best destination, could be the strategy to add some new knowledge to the kids, so they could know something new they never expect before. In this occasion, we will show you some options of the top educational family trip for the kids.

Best Trip Destination for Kids

Asking the kids to have educational family vacation is nice. The educational vacation is not only useful to pleasant the kids with some playing times in their holiday, but also add some educational aspects to enlarge their knowledge and experiences. By this aspect, I am sure that the vacation will be more useful for the kids. See the idea of the best vacation destinations for kids below.

1. Spend a Week at Hyatt Regency Tamaya

The first good place to go for the kids’ educational vacation is Hyatt Regency Tamaya, in New Mexico. In this place, the kids are able to follow the nice program called Srai-Wi or ‘gathering my children’. It is the special program for the children in order to increase their knowledge about the American story.

When the kids follow this program in their trip, they will have chance to listen the American kids story, chance to ride a horse and access to create traditional cooper bracelet. The native from New Mexico will handle these programs. Besides enjoying the program of the kids’ vacation, they also could learn the native language of Tamaya. It is interesting, isn’t it?

2. Set Sail on a Caribbean Cruise

Asking the kids to set sail on a Caribbean Cruise could be a nice idea to do in enjoying the long holiday. We all know that kids love cruises well and this idea will be one of the lovely ideas for them. There are some educational vacation ideas to do inside the cruise such as enjoying some games in playroom, learning to act as sailor, learning about the sea, and others. To do this idea, you may book a sail from some ships enterprises such as Carnival Vista.

3. Enjoy Ski Vacation

Enjoying the ski vacation in winter could be a good idea. There are many wonderful ski resorts across the county and one of the best options is in Colorado. Yes, Colorado has big snow in winter and it could be the favorite area for your kids to enjoy their holiday.

Then, what is the benefit of this holiday trip from the education aspect to the kids? Well, the ski vacation is good to control the body balance of your kids, so they could grow better. In other hand, the ski vacation is also good to train the mentality of your kids. We face many cases that kids have worse mentality, especially when they need to control their-self alone.

4. Introduce Stars at Space Camp

Going to Space Camp in fulfilling the kids’ holiday is nice to do. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, this place becomes one of the best places for kids. As its name, in this place, the kids are able to learn some matters about stars and space. I am sure that your kids will be very happy here.

Many things will interest your kids here. In this place, every kid is able to act like an astronaut, launch simulated space program and learn about the space exploration. Of course, the committee prepares some programs of holiday trip, which could be chosen based on the age of the kids. This place is recommended, especially for kids who love science.

5. Go Camping in National Park

A good vacation idea to do with the kids in order to have nice weekend or holiday is going camping in National Park. The kinds of National Park, such as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite in USA could be the right place to camp. There are some great advantages of this vacation idea, such as introduce kids about the condition of nature, test the mentality of kids outside, and others.

To apply this trip idea, of course you need to do some preparations, such as preparing all camping requirement, booking the space in National Park, and preparing what to do there. You could fill the agenda by making bonfire with your kids. It will be nice and unforgettable moment in your holiday.

We may see that there are several ideas in having nice trip with our kids without losing the educational matter there. See every idea of the vacation well and make great preparation of it. The good preparation with nice idea will make the educational vacation with kids will be a lovely activity.

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