7 Things to Do before Your International Trip

7 Things to Do before Your International Trip

Trip is a good idea to get the fresh mind after rolling the busy working time. One of the most interesting ideas of having holiday is the international vacation. Yes, by doing the international vacation, we will be able to know the condition of other country well. We could visit our favorite country and feel the beautiful atmosphere there. We may see that there are some best places in the world to visit someday, such as Merlion in Singapore, Green Canyon in US, Raja Ampat in Indonesia, and others.

However, before going to some places that we want in having international vacation, we need to do some important preparations. People need to be aware that the international trip will be different with the local one. There will be some matters to prepare because each country has its own protocol. Here, we will talk about things to do before having the international vacation.

1. Preparations before Having International Trip

In the first time when you want to go abroad, of course you need to decide which place you want to go. By knowing the destination well, you could move to do some other preparations. At least, there are ten preparations, which you need to do before your flight. Check it below.

2. Check Passport and Apply for Visa

As we have said before, government of each country has its own protocol in order to regulate the foreign who come into their country. In this case, you need to make passport for the first. Passport is a document, which is used as the permission of entering the other country. Without the passport, you will be the illegal tourist, which could be punished by the government.

Besides the passport, you also need to make a visa. Actually, passport and visa is a package, which you need to prepare. The visa here has same function. It is also used as the permission in entering the country, which you may visit in your holiday. However, there are several types of visa, such as the worker visa and tourist visa. When your aim in going to other country is to enjoy the long holiday, you need to have the tourist visa.

3. Get Vaccinated and Prepare Medicine

Vaccine is one of the important things to prepare before the international flight. Depending on the place you are going, you will need to get the special vaccines or other medications in order to protect yourself against several viruses and diseases. Yes, it is very important because some countries have different climate and condition, which sometimes will decrease the endurance of self.

To get the vaccine, you may go to the hospital, which provides the access. In other hand, it is also important for you to prepare some medicines during the trip to keep your condition well. The simple medicine, such as aspirin, Imodium, and others should be kept in your bag.

4. Check the Travel Warning

Before deciding to have an international flight, you also need to check the travel warning in the country, which becomes your destination. The travel warning should be noticed well because it will influence all agenda which you have planned. For example, Hong Kong today is very dangerous to have trip because of the typhoon attack. Please check the condition of the country –as your destination, by checking the relevant websites.

5. Prepare Your Finance

Sometimes the finance becomes the major problem in having the international vacation. Before your international travel, you need to do money exchange to the currency that is used in your destination. For example, when you are from Malaysia and want to go to US, you need to exchange ringgit to US dollar first.

In other hand, it is also important for you to do some researches about the cost you need to pay in having dinner or book hotel. By the knowledge about the living cost in other country that you want to visit, you could make a cost calculation.

6. Make Copies of Some Travel Document

Another important thing that you should not forget in having an international trip is having the copies of some travel documents. Having at least one copy of the document, especially the passport, will give safe sense, especially when you accidentally lose your passport. In other hand, it is also important for you to copy other documents, such as hotel reservation, train ticket confirmation, and other travel documents to claim your right.

7. Join with Travel Insurance

We cannot expect what will we face and what will happen in enjoying the international vacation. We may have risk of having accident or other bad thing. In this case, in order to protect yourself away from the accident you do not want to face, joining the travel insurance could be a good option. The travel insurance will give protection to you, so by joining the travel insurance, we are sure that you could get safer international trip.

By some tips above, you could get the well international trip to fulfil your holiday. Do all tips above well to get lovely vacation.

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