Best Tips for Healthy Trip When She’s Pregnant

Best Tips for Healthy Trip When She’s Pregnant

Trip could be something interesting to do in order to enjoy the weekend, especially for the pregnant woman. You need to know that pregnant woman has the higher risk of stress because of the unstable hormone inside the body. By having the vacation, the pregnant woman could lay her stress down and get the fresh mind.

However, you need to know that travel while pregnant could be very different from the trip before the pregnancy. There should be some preparations before doing the vacation in order to keep the pregnancy safe. Let us see some tips to get the healthy and safe trip with the pregnant woman below.

Ways to Have Safe Trip with Pregnant Woman

As we have said before, having vacation with the pregnant woman could be different with the common vacation. Yes, it is because the pregnant woman should keep her pregnancy safe while having trip. It means that couple who want to have holiday should prepare their planning well, so they could throw away the bad risk. See some consideration tips of it here.

Choose the Best Time

To ask the pregnant woman to have vacation, we need to choose the best time. Time of pregnancy is bordered by the trimester. In the first trimester, woman will get the nausea and morning sickness. These two matters will decrease the comfort of the woman in doing some activities. It means that the first trimester of pregnancy is not suitable for having vacation.

Then, the third trimester of the pregnancy comes with the bigger size of the belly. The fetus growths well and change the condition of the woman’s body. Most of women feel uncomfortable in this condition because of the change of their body condition. It means that the third trimester is also not good for vacation. The best time for having vacation with the pregnant woman is in the second quarter. In this time, the nausea and morning sickness have disappeared and the belly still in normal size.

Choose Travel Destination Carefully

After getting the most suitable time for having vacation, the second tips to do before having vacation when she is pregnant is choosing the destination of the travel carefully. The destination will influence the condition of the pregnancy. For example, do not ask your pregnant couple to have hiking for the vacation.

It will be good when you choose the simple vacation idea, such as enjoying the sunset while drinking tea, enjoying the fresh air in city garden, or others. These ideas could be the alternative and wise choice, which do not add risks for the pregnancy.

Carry Healthy Fluids and Snacks

Having a long trip is one of interesting ideas to do, especially with someone we love. However, when your couple is pregnant, in doing the long vacation, you need to carry the healthy fluids and snacks. It is the base needed you need to pay more attention. By carrying the healthy fluids and snacks, it means that you try to keep the health of your couple well. The most common problem happening during the vacation for the pregnant woman is hungry and dehydrated. By this preparation, the problem will never happen.

Make a Light Pack as Possible

In order to enjoy our vacation, we need to bring some stuffs. Here, when you want to have a nice vacation with the pregnant woman, it is good for you to make a light pack as possible. Please notice that the body of the pregnant woman could be tired easily. By making a light pack as we can, we will save her from the trouble of dragging the heavy suitcase.

By the light pack of the stuff, of course, the pregnant woman will be easier in moving and it will save her stamina better. In order to make a light pack, you just need to bring only the important stuffs. Do not bring the unused stuff, which only will make you get trouble in the vacation time.

Update the Travel Medical Portfolio

Updating the travel medical portfolio is another important matter to do before you decide to have nice trip with your pregnant couple. We recommend you to check the condition of your pregnant woman before having vacation and keep it update. The travel portfolio is very important to see the medical record of people and it could be the helper to treat people when they are in health problem.

Then, when you already know about the medical record of your couple, you also could prepare to bring some aids during the long trip. For example, when your pregnant couple has an asthma record, you could prepare to bring eucalyptus oil.

Some tips above are only the matters that you may consider when you want to have long vacation with your pregnant couple. By seeing some tips as above, you could do the preparation well, so you do not only have beautiful trip but also safe trip.

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