Interesting Travelling Spots in Asia to Visit in 2017

Travelling could be a good idea to enjoy the long holiday in the end of the year. Enjoying the night of New Year with our family will be the beautiful moment to do. However, where is the suitable place to go in enjoying the New Year holiday? People do not need to worry because Asia has the answer of it.
We all know that Asia is the largest continent in the world. There are many nations in Asia, which provide many tourist destinations. In this occasion, we will deliver some interesting places to go in Asia, which may cover your holiday well. You could see some best ideas for the long vacation below. Take a sit and read it wholly.

Beautiful Travelling Destination in Asia

When we are talking about the holiday places in Asia, we will face many choices there. Yes, it is true. Many countries in Asia provide its own best tourist destinations. You could choose the kind of natural spots or the modern ones. Here, we collect some best places to give consideration before you enjoy your trip.

Gansu, China

First choice of the well holiday place in Asia to go in the last 2017 is Gansu, China. Gansu is a good place, which is famous with the snow-capped mountain. The mountain is very beautiful with the best spot to enjoy both sunrise and sunset.

Another good matter of Gansu is the rainbow desert in Danxia National Geo-park. The geo-park owes many kinds of Buddhist art site, which will be nice for those who love the historical things. In this vacation spot, tourist is also able to taste the kinds of Chinese traditional cuisine, which they never find in other region.

South of Tokyo, Japan

Japan is known as one of the largest industrial countries in the world. The major industries in the world are owned by Japan. However, besides it is famous as the country of industry, Japan is also popular with the kinds of beautiful places for holiday. There are many cities in Japan to go for vacation needed, especially some cities in South of Tokyo.

Yokohama becomes the first city to go in Japan. It is the second largest metropolis in this country that tourist only need around 20 minutes to go from the capital by train. Yokohama is commonly called as the city of art in Japan. Yes, in this city, tourist may see many kinds of artwork and there will be lots of art event in the end of the year. The second good city to go in Tokyo is Kamakura. It is the capital of the first Japan feudal. Today, this city becomes the great place with large café and restaurant. It is also the icon of the Buddhist site.

Northern Kerala, India

India has a hidden paradise called Kerala. This place is one of the best travelling destination in India, which always be crowded every year. Northern Kerala has many beautiful beaches with the blue-quite sea. The nice beach will be the well spot to enjoy the sunset. Moreover, in the New Year celebration, beach in Kerala held a special firework event.

In other hand, Kerala is also special with the kind of national park. In northern Kerala, tourist is able to see the beautiful of butterfly species, wild elephant, and other animal with original habitat. The national park could be the suitable place to go, especially for giving more education for children about animals.

KeongSaik Road, Singapore

Although it is famous with the predicate as country of business, Singapore hides some best travelling destination to attract the tourists. Actually, there are many choices of some nice places to go in enjoying the year-end holiday in Singapore but we place the KeongSaik Road as the best destination.
KeongSaik Road is called as the New Singapore. This place is good with the beautiful colonial and artistic building, which will bring the tourists back to taste the mid-age. For those who love having historical travelling, KeongSaik Road is the heaven for them. There are many museums, heritage chic, and cafés with old building design.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Interesting Travelling Spots in Asia to Visit in 2017

Another good idea as the well travelling spot in Asia to go in 2017 is Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Raja Ampat is one of the wonderful tourist destinations in Indonesia, which will amaze you with the beautiful nature features. Raja means King. It implies that this place is the king or the best place, to go in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat has everything that you want in enjoying the nature holiday. In this place, you are able to see the long-white sand beaches, lush jungles, unusual mushroom-shaped, and others. In simpler, Raja Ampat is the biological hotspot. The most interesting thing to do in Raja Ampat is exploring the beauty of undersea by diving. Yes, tourists are able to see most diverse coral reefs and many rare fish species in this travelling spot.

With kinds of the best travelling spots, Asia will be the answer in your year-end holiday planning.

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