Top 6 Travelling Places to Visit in France

Top 6 Travelling Places to Visit in France

Travelling in France becomes one of the people’s great dream. Yes, France is famous as the one of the best vacation destinations in the world by many choices of the spots. In more than two decades, France shows itself as the most popular vacation destination by receiving around 82 foreign tourist each years.

For people over the world, France is very interesting with the sophisticated culture, exquisite cuisine, romantic chateaux, picturesque countryside, and others. We also remember that France also has Eifel Tower –one of the wonders of the world.

Most Popular Travelling Spots in France

France has several beautiful cities to go in enjoying the long holiday. Every city has the unique features, which will pleasant every tourist who stay there. When common people know France is only about Paris, here we will talk about some other cities in France which are claimed as the best places to visit. Take a sit and read the review of it below.


Marseille is known as the one of the oldest cities and the second largest city in France. The location of this city is in the southeast coast of the France and it is known as the major Mediterranean seaport. Marseille could be called as the city of culture because there are many buildings from the different age, such as Roman architecture, medieval architecture, and others.

In other hand, Marseille has many modern shops and bars, which will be nice place to stay and to gather with friends while enjoying the holiday. People are able to find the original food of France in every café in Marseille.


The second great city to go while having lovely holiday in France is Lyon. Based on the history, Lyon is the capital of the Rhone department, which exists in Rhone-Alpes region and now becoming the third largest city in France. This city is popular with the historic architecture, vibrant cultural scene and gastronomy.

Another interesting matter of Lyon as the city destination of holiday is the comprised of the many districts there. Every district in Lyon has a nice and exclusive personality. For example, the Presquile is a famous district by its restaurant and bar, Croix-Rousse is great by its hidden passageways, and others. With the blend culture, Lyon should be one of the list of travelling plan.


Strasbourg is the capital city of Alsace region and it is located in the border of France and Germany. This city actually is famous with many important European institutions, such as the Council of Europe and the European Court of the Human Right.

However, as the travelling spot, Strasbourg is also interesting with its historic center. People could go to Grande Ile to see the historical matter of France and other nations in Europe. In other hand, Strasbourg also has many museums, shops, and cafes, which will cover the holiday time well.


Maybe some people do not know Arles well but this city actually is one of the greatest cities in France. According to Vincent van Gogh –the master artist, Arles is one of the city of tranquility and it is good with its beauty. This city will remind us with the detail of Roman architecture by some old buildings there. In other hand, there are many cultural festivals and special events held in Arles, which will interest the tourists to visit it.


For those who want to feel the beauty of the seaside resort, Biarritz is the well city in France to go. Located in the Bay of Biscay –about few miles from Spain, Biarritz is wonderful by its lovely beaches to swim and excellent surfing. There are many beaches in Biarritz, which you may list as your favorite place to go.

For the travelling spot, Grand Plage could be the most popular beach here. This beach is very beautiful with the combination of the long white sand and calm blue sky. Many tourists go to this beach in summer to enjoy the sun. In other hand, this beach is also nice with the notable rock formation that could be a good place for photograph.

Loire Valley

Located in the center of France, Loire Valley becomes one of the great travelling spots to go. This city is very wonderful with the spectacular scenery, historic village, picturesque vineyard and splendid chateaux, which will give the harmony in your holiday.

The Loire Valley itself stretches around 280 km along the Loire Rivers and it has many colorful flowers. Tourist who love to enjoy the wine could go to this city because there are many wineries there. I am sure that it will be lovely travelling spot to go.

We could see that there are many alternative spots to enjoy the holiday in France beside Paris. By seeing each detail of the travelling spot, now you could make your holiday planning and go to them for some days. With all beautiful places, France will be the greatest destination for holiday.

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