Top Rated Cheapest Places for Amazing Worldwide Travel

Having worldwide travel becomes the dream of every person. Yes, by having the worldwide traveling, I am sure that people could enjoy the different situation and get new experience. They also could learn about the nature and culture of other countries in the world.

However, a common problem of people why they seem have no chance to go abroad in their traveling time is the traveling cost. I realize that people will need higher money to go to worldwide traveling spots. The worrying about losing much money for abroad holiday is common, but here we will talk about some top rated places for the amazing worldwide traveling with the cheap cost. Take a sit and read the following explanation!

Cheapest Best Place to Go for Worldwide Travel


Talking about the cheapest place to go for abroad travel, we will find Thailand as the main destination. Thailand becomes one of the best destination for having holiday. There are so many interesting matters in Thailand to enjoy, which will help you finding the new holiday experiences.

Top Rated Cheapest Places for Amazing Worldwide Travel

Thailand is rich of culture, it has so many beautiful beaches, it provides many options of nature and modern traveling shop, and others that all of it staggeringly a low price. For those who want to enjoy the beautiful sunset, Thailand has Pattaya. Then, for those who want to visit some religious places, there are many temples in Thailand, which show you how the religion affects the life of society.

South Africa

South Africa becomes famous after this country becoming the home of World Cup some years ago. Some people may think that all Africa is not interesting to enjoy the long holiday because of the geographical reason: Africa is hot, dusty and far from freshness.

Cape Town, South Africa

Well, South Africa has the different fact. Now, this country becomes one of the most favorite worldwide travel and million tourists go to this country every year. South Africa has many great destinations to go –and all of it includes in cheapest traveling places in the world. For example, they have Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, which becomes a best place to see the rare white rhino. In other hand, it also has an amazing Cape Town as the best place to enjoy the windy Pacific Ocean.


Another best but cheapest worldwide travel to go is Vietnam. Located in Asian continent, Vietnam becomes a great destination for holiday that many Westerns go to this country every year. There are many interesting holiday menus in Vietnam, especially for those who want to enjoy the cultural menus.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Almost every month, Vietnam holds a cultural attraction in some places, which becomes the most attractive agenda to enjoy. In other hand, Vietnam also has the beautiful beach, as Mekong Delta. It becomes the icon of Vietnam. Another nice matter of Vietnam is the local beverages, which is famous by its delicacy.


Indonesia becomes one of the must-to-visit worldwide travel. Yes, this archipelago country will make everyone who go to the country lays on freshness and lovely days. There are many traveling spots in Indonesia and almost every island in Indonesia has many beautiful places to go. Then, the most important one is Indonesia offers the cheap traveling for tourists.

Bali, Indonesia

The most famous place to go in Indonesia is Bali. Bali still becomes the main destination when abroad people visit Indonesia. There are so many beautiful beaches in Bali and Bali also offers the cultural attraction for tourist to know the local culture of Indonesia. In other hand, there are some best sea world in Indonesia for those who want to have dive traveling, such as Bunaken, Raja Ampat and others.

As the best worldwide travel, Indonesia also has the wonderful Borobudur, which becomes the icon of the Indonesian tourism. This temple was made by Sailendra Dynasty thousand years ago!

Of course, four examples of the cheapest abroad traveling spots as above are only a brief of the best place, which you may go. However, it could be your inspiration when you want to enjoy the worldwide travel with your families and friend. As addition, before enjoying your long abroad traveling, you need to make some best preparations, such as look for the travel agent, which will be ready to accompany you during your holiday.

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