Best Destination of Travel the World for Nature Lovers

When we are talking about travel the world, of course we will find many kinds of the traveling spots to go with some different genres. Having the worldwide traveling will be an interesting idea to do to enjoy the long holiday with family. I am sure that by the worldwide traveling, we could seek the hidden beauty of the world.

Well, one of the most popular traveling spots to go is nature. Reconnecting with the nature spot will make someone gets back his or her calmness and freshness. Seeing the nature will directly reduce the stress and change it into a new spirit. Here, we will talk about some best destinations for the worldwide traveling, especially for the lovers of nature. Take a sit and enjoy the reading!


For the lover of nature, Finland is a must-to-go place. Yes, Finland is special with the spectacular colorful natural light, which is known as the Aurora Borealis. Aurora itself is the ‘fire tongue’ of the sunlight. However, the aurora only could be seen in the fall season between the October and November or Mach and April.

Aurora Borealis - Finland

To enjoy travel the world in Finland by seeing the Aurora Borealis, people could go to Oulanka National Park. It is one of the best place to watch the aurora with the large landscape and nice place arrangement. Beside the aurora, Finland is also awesome with the cross-country skiing, especially for those who want to enjoy the challenging traveling menu.


The second best place to go for feeling the nature is Dominica. This country is also called as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. Do you ever watch the movie of Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, Dominica has the similar landscape with the condition inside the movie.

Dominica Island

Dominica becomes one of the most favorite countries to go for the nature lovers with the great condition there. There is an incredible landscape, which is complete with the volcanic hot springs, the natural mud baths, awesome rivers and waterfall that could be best spot for natural fishing! Then, for those who want to enjoy the beautiful sunset as the main course of travel the world, Dominica has many beautiful beaches to explore.


The Newfoundland becomes the newer special place to go for the natural traveling. In this area, there is Gros Morne National Park, which becomes the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The national park has large areas, which is nearly 700 square miles. Here, I am sure that visitors will be amazed with the detail condition of the national park.

Gros Morne National Park - Newfoundland

The one of the destinations of travel the world is very stunning by its beautiful landscape. The national park has dense forest, dramatic cliffs, freshwater fjord and many others natural spots to explore. A long the landscape, you will be able to see the stunning green as the identity of nature. Then, the traveling will be more complete when you make a camp out in some areas to wait the beautiful sunrise.


Located near the US, Canada offers a special nature place to go as the well destination of travel the world. One of the most interesting nature travel destinations in Canada is the William Lake, which is located in British Columbia. It is known as the best lake in Canada, which becomes the favorite place to enjoy the weekend and long holiday.

Williams Lake - Canada

The William Lake is awesome by its tranquility of nature. Many people of Canada go to this place in order to get the new peace and fresh air. The lake seems like the border between the modern life and nature in Canada.

For those who want to go to this lake, they could enjoy some delicious of the traditional Canada’s meal while enjoying the stunning nature. Then, they also could test their fishing ability because in the border of the lake, there are many fishing spots.


Another best destination to go for travel the world with nature sense is Guatemala. Surrounding by the three majestic volcanos, Guatemala has Lake Atitlan as one of best lakes in the world. The lake is very popular in this country by its awesome landscape.

Lake Atitlan - Guatemala

People who stay in the edge of the lake is able to see the golden mountain when sunset. Then, the sense of nature by its fresh air will be very effective to reduce the stress. It is a very appropriate place for meditation or yoga.

Well, after knowing some best destinations of the travel the world with nature sense, which place will you go?

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