Europe Travel Tips to Save Money

Europe becomes one of the most expensive traveling destinations to go. I am sure that many people want to go to Europe to enjoy their long holiday since Europe is famous by its modernism, best places, and special modes. Some towns, like Paris, Moscow, London, or others becomes the main traveling destinations each year for million worldwide travelers. However, for some travelers, they need some Europe travel tips, especially to save their money.

Yes, some travelers find a problem about the traveling cost when they want to go to Europe. I am sure that traveling could be not expensive because when we spend too much money in traveling, we will find another problem in money management. In this occasion, we have several simple tips to save money when you have planning to go to Europe. Take a sit and read some writings below.

Europe Travel Tips to Save Money

Simple Europe Travel Tips to Save Money

Shop for Foods in Supermarket

When you are traveling in Europe, it will be cheaper when you shop some foods in supermarket or cook your own food. Well, I am sure that sometimes want to taste the special menus of the modern restaurants in Europe in their traveling time but to save the money, it is not a nice idea. Maybe it is hard for some people but they need to avoid having dinner in the expensive restaurants to decrease the traveling cost. However, when they want to taste some foods outside, they could go to the local market, which provide nice foods with lower price.

Purchase Discount Cards

Another good way to save the money during the traveling in Europe is by purchasing the discount cards. You need to know that some places in Europe offers the ‘city card’, which will be nice by its discounts for some transportations and attractions. This card is one of very useful Europe travel tips to decrease the need of money.

For example, when you go to Rome, there is Rome Pass, which offers the free public transportation and entry into two museums. Then, Paris has Combo Pass, which could be used to enjoy some attractions in the capital of French. Other nice cards to enjoy are Oslo Welcome Card, I Amsterdam Card and Berlin Welcome Card.

House Share

I am sure that it is not enough to enjoy the Europe only in a day. Travelers will need some days to enjoy Europe, so they could find the beauty of their long holiday. It means that they need the place to stay. I am sure that it is not a good option to stay in hotel when you want to decrease the money in traveling moment. Then, what to do here?

Rather than choose the hotel or hostel to stay, it will be good when you choose the European sojourn. There are many options of the local European sojourn, which could be the option in Europe travel tips to keep the money. However, you need to be ready staying with the strangers.

Book Travel in Advance

In order to save some moneys, it will be good when you book the travel in advance. It becomes one of the most effective Europe travel tips to save some moneys. By the advance booking, you will get big discount in train ticket or cheaper price for flight. However, you need to look more information and keep it update. As usual, the mass transportation company will share their information through the official website.

Look for Free-Entry Days

Although it will need some times to think, look for the free-entry days could be the excellent Europe travel tips to save the money. Well, it could be a great deal to decrease the cost of traveling when you could find some attractions, which offer the free-entry days. In Europe, there are some places, which offer this idea to the travelers. For example, it is free to enter any museum in Paris in the first Sunday of the month. Then, there are also some museums and galleries that offer the free to enter in Venice and Berlin.

Find your Focus

In preparing the Europe traveling, it will be good when you prepare the itinerary well. In arranging the itinerary, it will be better for you to consider exploring the region or country in depth rather than moving to place to place. By exploring the tourist attractions only in a region or a country, of course you do not need to spend more money for transportation.

It is one of the good Europe travel tips to try and it will be very useful to give you more traveling experience. However, you need to be active looking for information, especially about the special-near place to go.

Well, the explanations above show some simple but interesting Europe travel tips to enjoy the long holiday with low budget. I hope it will be useful for you, so you could feel the beauty of Europe without worrying the cost of traveling.

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