Top 6 Best Vacation Spots in Thailand to Visit

Thailand offers many options of the best vacation spots for tourists who want to enjoy their holiday well. Located in Asia continent, Thailand provides well modern, spiritual and natural vacation spots to enjoy. Based on some data, in overall, around 20 million tourists go to Thailand each year. It is a big amount, which make Thailand becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world.

By this face, it will be good when you make a holiday planning by listing some best vacation spots in Thailand. I am sure that with the kinds of the vacation spots, Thailand will color the holiday time beautifully. Here, we will show you some popular destination lists to go in Thailand with its amazing details. Take a sit and make your own itinerary!

Best Vacation Spots to Go in Thailand

1. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. Although this city is always busy by its traffic, tourists place Chiang Mai in their most interest place to go. When you go to Chiang Mai, you will be able to enjoy the walking street market, which sell many traditional stuffs of Thailand. In that market, you also could find lots of Thailand’s local foods, especially for those who want to have culinary vacation.

Besides the interesting street markets, Chiang Mai is also popular with its spiritual vacation. There are many temples in Chiang Mai, which will be good place to go for those who want to learn about Buddhism. In other hand, Chiang Mai is also nice by its outdoor and adventure activities. One of the most popular outdoor tourism place in Chiang Mai is the green hills, which will provide the fresh air and high calmness.

2. Pai


Pai becomes one of the well destinations to go when you are visiting Thailand for holiday. Surrounded by the green scenery and big mountains, Pai will give the fresher air than Chiang Mai, which will be nice to decrease the stress. It also will be good option for those who want to go outside from the crowd of city.

In other hand, this one of best vacation spots in Thailand also provides the challenging area for those who want to grab a motorbike. There is a long village street in Pai to test the adrenaline. Moreover, Pai has a beautiful waterfall, yoga retreats, organic food and some cultural spots to deliver new experience in exploring Thailand.

3. Railay


As we have said before, Thailand is also interesting and beautiful with its natural holiday spot. Here, for those who want to enjoy the natural spot, Railay should be the first place to go. This area is excellent by its awesome scenery. It is surrounded by mountains and visitors only get access by small boat. I am sure that the journey to go Railay will be challenging and interesting.

The one of best vacation spots in Thailand provides many white-sand beaches to enjoy. Besides its beautiful sceneries, the beaches in this place is also nice by its quite waves. It means that visitors could swim in the ocean or do the dive safely.

4. Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya is one of the important places in Thailand. This place was the ancient capital of Thailand around 417 years before the Burmese armies attacking and moved it to Bangkok. The location of this place is not too far from Bangkok. It is only about two-hour train from the Bangkok’s railway station.

Today, Ayutthaya becomes the best vacation spots to go, especially for those who want to learn about the history of Thailand by seeing its ancient civilization. There are many archeology and old temples in this place, which will show the bright history of Thailand. In other hand, there Ayutthaya has the rare famous tree, which becomes the pre-requirement of Buddhist worshipping.

5. Kanchanaburi 


Kanchanaburi could be the alternative place to go in Thailand. It also becomes the one of famous and best vacation spots that many visitors go to this place each year. The location of Kanchanaburi is not too far from Bangkok. It is only two hours length from Bangkok by bus.

What are the special matters about this vacation place? Kanchanaburi will remind us with the history of World War II because there are some spots in Kanchanaburi becomes the war field. In other hand, this place is also good by its Death Railway, which becomes the famous bridge connecting Bangkok to Rangoon.

6. Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park becomes the memorable places, as the favorites of many visitors. The one of best vacation spots is very interesting with its floating bungalows and picturesque lake. In this place, besides able to see the awesome natural scenery, visitors are also able to catch the rare Rafflesia.

By some options of the best vacation spots as above, you could make your own itinerary in enjoying long holiday in Thailand. Of course, Thailand still has many other options to explore. Just collect more information for best journey.

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