Top Cheap Travel Tips for Backpackers

Are you looking for the travel tips that are special for backpackers? Well, having a backpacker traveling sometimes could be an interesting option to choose. We all know that the most common problem of travelling is financial problem. Here, the backpacker could be the solution of it because you go to some places for traveling based on what you want and based on the amount money that you have!

Top Cheap Travel Tips for Backpackers

In simpler, we may see that backpacker means having freedom for traveling. However, although you want to have the backpacker traveling, you still need to make well preparation in order to arrange the neat traveling agenda. Here, we will show you some holiday tips for backpackers, which could throw the financial problem away and you could enjoy the holiday, as you want!

Cheap Travel Tips for Backpackers

Pack Light

When you decide to have a backpacker traveling, it means that you are ready to pick your pack everywhere you go. That’s why some backpackers commonly bring a big bag in their back. Here, in order to get more comfortable feeling in bringing the pack, it will be best when you bring the light packing.

Here, you do not need to bring complete stuffs, which you do not need in your traveling. Leave your jewelry or other valuable things home. Try to arrange what stuffs that you need to bring by making priorities. By the light packing, you will be easier in moving.

Camp Out

Camping out could be the interesting idea to try for those who want to feel the fresh of nature. It could be listed inside the itinerary, especially when you want to go to some beaches in your holiday. Yes, in common, beaches provide some campgrounds for the backpackers, who want to enjoy the million-stars hotel. However, you need to know the regulation in the object before applying the one of the travel tips for backpackers.

Stay in Hostel with Kitchen Inside

Although camping is interesting but it is not for everyone. Sometimes, camping will be dangerous for those who have problem with their health. As the solution, it will be nice when you consider to stay at hostel. It is one of the nice travel tips to try.

In common, hostel has cheaper cost than the hotel and you will get the comfortable bed to enjoy the night. Here, please choose the hostel that has kitchen inside the room. By the inside-kitchen, you could make a cup of coffee easily and it means that you do not need to buy an expensive coffee in lobby.

Bring Your Own Snack

Another good tips, which could be solution to have cheap backpacker traveling is bringing your own snack. By bringing your own snack, you could manage the eating cost better. In other hand, by your own snack, you also could keep your energy well everywhere. Please notice, backpackers need high energy because they need to bring their pack in back and always keeping moving.

Keep Walk

We all know that travelling needs high money for accommodation. For course, the cost of accommodation could be the problem for the backpackers. Then, how is the solution for this problem?

Here, the good travel tips to do in order to decreasing the cost of accommodation is keep walking! Please avoid to take a cab in your traveling tour because there is millage cost and tipping for the drivers. Although walking will make you more tired, it will be more interesting because you could enjoy every inch of the beauty of the town!

Travel with a Group

The last travel tips for the backpackers, which you need to consider is traveling with a group. Actually, you could choose to have backpacking solo for getting the free and challenging experience. However, when you have no experience in backpacker, joining with a group is a good solution. Moreover, by traveling with a group, you also could decrease the tiredness by having joke with friends.

Well, some explanations above could be excellent examples of the travel tips, especially for the backpackers. Having the backpacker traveling could be a challenging idea to try. However, as addition, please avoid having traveling in peak date of holiday in order to be free from crowded. Now, make your planning and enjoy your free traveling!

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